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Our new board 2018

Veli Hyseni, Enver Bujupi, Xheladin Mani,

Kaltrina Abazi, Naxhije Bujupi, Agnesa Babiqi

TASH at the school day in Eppingen
Our chairmen and chairwomen

Shaip Abazi, Enver Bujupi, Besim Mani, Muhamet Idrizi,

Naxhije Bujupi, Agnesa Babiqi

Beginning of the Albanian lessons at Selma Rosenfeld Middleschool in Eppingen

The lessons are taking place every wednesday from 14:30 to 16 pm in Eppingen since February 17th 2016. The teacher Muhamet Idrizi uses the books whitch where donated by the consulate of the Republik of Kosovo in Stuttgart.

Registration of TASH e.V. as a NGO in the Republic of Kosovo.

TASH receives this status as one of the few foreign associations in the Republic of Kosovo.

In the course of the ASA-scholarship-stay and supported by the ministry of education of the Republic of Kosovo (especially the permanent secretary of the ministry of education Skender Xhakaliu) the first chairman Muhamet Idrizi is able to register TASH as a NGO.

The first representative of TASH in the Republic of Kosovo is Ardiana Osmani. As a NGO you have the right to transfer goods and materials tax-free if they are NGO-related.


Scholarship-stay of the chairman Muhaemt Idrizi in the course of the ASA-program.

Besides the excursion to the Republic of Kosovo in 2009, the 3-month scholarship-stay can be described as the pillar for the success of TASH.

A occupation in the ministry of education in the Republic of Kosovo and liberties developed by the scholarship created new possibilities for TASH e.V. One big success was the registration of TASH e.V. as a NGO in the city of Mitrovice. Ardiana Osmani, a student of the university in Prishtine, was appointed as the first voluntary chair. This development strengthened our position and created more possibilities to operate. One proof for this positive development is the literature donation in 2011.

For further impressions and reports, please have a look on the blog entry “ASA-stay in the republic of Kosovo 2010”


Benefit soccer tournament at the University of Education Ludwigsburg

In the course of the cooperation of TASH e.V. and the sports department of the University of Education Ludwigsburg a idea of organizing a benefit soccer tournament was developed. Several teams took part and the tournament was held under fantastic weather conditions. The University press was present and reported about this event. The tournament went off fluently and was won by the team “Go In”, a team from Ludwigsburg, lead by the Albanian restaurant owner Isa Hulaj.

The small financial profit, gained through the soccer tournament, was used to support a food donation during Ramadan in the Roma colony in Gjakove.


Major project: Excursion to the Republic of Kosovo 2009

This excursion was planned over a period of one year with a group of 7 students and in close collaboration with the University of Education Ludwigsburg. Besides the acknowledgement of this excursion at the University of Education Ludwigsburg, the students gained many fantastic impressions and pictures during this excursion.

One of the highlights was the visitation of the German embassy and being personally welcomed by the German ambassador Mr. Steinbach.

For further information, please have a look at the blog “major excursion in the Republic of Kosovo”


The resurrection of the association in 2008:

During his studies at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg, the chairman Muhamet Idrizi decided to restructure TASH e.V., to make it more efficient. In the course of an event with the content “migration and education” in the subject pedagogy, the idea of a student excursion to the Republic of Kosovo was developed.

After the excursion in May/June 2009 a new board was elected and TASH e.V. started to concentrate working in the broader region of Stuttgart and within the institution of the University of Education Ludwigsburg-Reutlingen.


Foundation of TASH e.V.

The association TASH e.V. was founded via the social network StudiVZ. The foundation was initiated by Muhamet idrizi and Zymrete Hoxhaj, who didn’t’ just want to discuss several topics with other students but also meet them and further develop common ideas.

On 03.03.2007 20 students from all over Germany, whose origin is in Albania, met in the chapel of the Goethe-University in Frankfurt/Main and discussed one whole weekend about the constitution and goals of “TASH- Studenteninitiative der Diaspora-Albaner e.V”. The association was born. The first place of residence was Hamburg, the residence of the first chairman Muhamet Idrizi.

Afterwards the member additional meetings in Düsseldorf and Mannheim, where they discussed about different projects but could not finalize any decisions. Legal challenges and other difficulties lead to 2 year long period of stagnation.