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About us

WHEN was TASH e.V. founded and WHO founded TASH e.V.?

TASH – deutsch-albanische Plattform e.V. is still a pretty young association. Since 17.01.2016 its refoundet in Eppingen, near the city Heilbronn.

What are the goals of TASH?

Mainly TASH e.V. was founded with the goal to encourage the intercultural work between the Albanian civil society and the German society. The priorities are topics like educational work in the course of development policy and intercultural exchange. Those topics play an important part for a solidarized coexist in a globalized world.

What is the meaning of TASH?

TASH has the meaning Now in the Albanian language. That means to take action here and now for a better world and future.



The association was re-foundet in January of 2016 in Eppingen with the name "TASH - deutsch-albanische Plattform e.V." and has a bigger communiy of albanians living in Eppingen. Through the connection with German institutions we could reach to an opening of the first Albanian school class in Eppingen on 17th of ebruary 2016. 

How can I help and where do I receive further information?

There are different ways to support our ideas. Therefore please have a look in our category ” Support”. If you have further questions, please have a look in our category “History” or just drop us an email.